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The ingenuity of our people and their commitment to exploring and developing new sources of reliable power supply is our greatest strength.

Power generating assets are of undeniable importance, and the quality of our people differentiate our business from others. Our team is highly experienced and we continue to attract the best and brightest, always looking to strengthen our company moving into the future.

Reliable energy.

Harnessing both old and new sustainable forms of power generation, coupled with the development of battery technology, will see Genuity provide stable, dependable power for generations to come.

As developers, owners and operators of an evolving portfolio of world class power generation facilities, we deliver stable, flexible and affordable electricity solutions that our customers can rely on.

Our growth strategy sees our company investing in developments spanning a transitional generation mix of flexible assets and emerging, innovative technologies in the low carbon realm.

Our skilled, experienced trading team sells our electricity and related services to utilities, system operators and retailers across Australia.

Coal Fired Power Stations

Our coal-fired plants in Australia are among some of the most advanced facilities on the continent. As older, less sophisticated designs are taken offline to tackle emissions and protect groundwater resources, these newer plants generate electricity more efficiently, using fewer resources.

In an energy market which experiences a range of supply and demand challenges, our plants provide significant levels of baseload, and help to secure the supply of electricity to consumers across the state of Queensland.

Our team is committed to supporting the provision of secure electricity. We are also well placed to support the transition to a low carbon future by providing the reliability and flexibility needed when incorporating more intermittent renewable generation into the grid.

Battery Storage

Developing large-scale energy storage capabilities will help to resolve the challenges surrounding intermittency of renewable generation.

At Genuity, we’re working on this emerging technology now.

The share of wind and solar power is increasing in Australia’s energy mix, but these sources only generate power when the wind blows or the sun shines. The use of batteries to store the excess power generated can help balance supply and demand during periods of low renewable energy output.

Emerging Technologies

Our team of experts continue to explore other viable, renewable-energy solutions that can be relied on for stable, dependable electricity in a low-carbon future.

The world is changing, and we’re proudly playing an active role in pursuing new technologies that will benefit generations to come.

Wind Power

With a view to the future and enhancing the flexibility of the existing Millmerran power station in supporting the National Electricity Market and its objectives, along with supporting the Queensland Energy & Jobs Plan, Genuity is assessing the potential for a new wind farm connection co-located with the Millmerran Power Station.

The project is currently progressing through early stage technical, grid and environmental review. It is anticipated the Millmerran site could host a windfarm in the order of 200 to 550MW.

PCC Project

Genuity is considering participation in an industry-leading carbon capture, utilisation and storage research project in conjunction with Glencore affiliate, Carbon Transport and Storage Company (CTSCo).

The Millmerran Power Station would be the source of the carbon dioxide that CTSCo intends to store at a different Queensland location. The Millmerran Power Station would host and provide certain services to CTSCo’s post-combustion carbon capture plant. The demonstration scale plant is intended to convert some of Millmerran Power Station’s emissions to food-grade carbon dioxide for safe use or storage elsewhere.

Genuity Retail Electricity

Established in 2008 under the name OzGen Retail and now trading as Genuity Retail, our retail division is an authorised electricity retailer in the National Electricity Market, supplying a number of large and well-known commercial and industrial (C&I) electricity consumers throughout Queensland.

Our Genuity Retail team provides a customised service to our customers across all sectors including mining, retail, health care, property, infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing. Thanks to our extensive experience in the National Electricity Market and strong focus on customer service, we are able to deliver solutions tailored to our individual customer needs.

We have a long track record of providing very competitive pricing supported by our low-cost generation projects.  Further, our retail sales are backed by the most efficient generation plants in the Australian market, enhancing certainty, dependability and ensuring our financial sustainability. Our long-term commitment to the market is reflected in our investment of more than $1 billion over two decades – we are here for the long-haul.

Reflecting our commitment to meet the needs of our customers and understanding the evolution of corporate Australia’s environmental sustainability objectives, we are also developing solutions for our customers that incorporate renewables. This includes packaging our firming capability both with renewable offtake agreements and with our own renewable projects being developed in the longer-term. We are also able to purchase and surrender additional Large-scale Generation Certificates for our customers to help them achieve their renewable energy targets.

If you are a large C&I user of electricity spending in excess of $100,000 per month and are interested in competitively-priced electricity solutions tailored to your needs, please contact ausretail@genuity.com.au for more information about our services.





Health Care

Health Care









Small Market Customer Information

Genuity Retail does not sell electricity to small businesses or residential households. We have provided the below documents to meet our regulatory obligations under the National Energy Retail Law and National Energy Retail Rules.

Standing offer for small customer | Standard retail contract – small customers

Power to act ethically and responsibly.


Environment, Social, Governance

At Genuity, we are an active partner in ensuring the sustainability of energy supply into the future. We continue striving to identify and prioritise areas of impact that are most important to not only our organisation and key stakeholders, but the environment and our community. We are committed to innovation towards a minimal future impact on our planet and people.

Reliable energy

To meet the market need for stable and dependable energy, at Genuity we strive to combine the best of current and proven technologies with our continuous development of  innovative solutions to keep the lights on, at a manageable cost for our customers.

Our Policies

At Genuity, our core values carry through to every internal and external aspect of our business – including our policies. These policies ensure our guiding principals and standards are lawfully implemented in everything we do.

Privacy Policy

At Genuity, we are committed to protecting your Privacy. Our Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information and also provides information on how you can you access, update or correct your personal information or make any policy complaints or enquiries. Our Privacy Policy also incorporates how we collect some personal information about you when you visit www.genuity.com.au. We use cookies, either directly or through third parties, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviours.

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Whistle Blower Policy

At Genuity, doing the right thing is not only our responsibility, but also our instinct. We strive to run our business with authenticity and credibility and commit to an ethical business culture that encourages honesty, fairness and accountability.

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Modern Slavery Policy

At Genuity, we are committed to conducting our business with the highest ethical and legal standards, including ensuring there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business.

Emberock UK Sub-group Tax Strategy

Year ended 31 December 2023

Emberock is the new name for the UK sub-group that started the year as the InterGen sub-group.

2023 was a year of significant change.  In January 2023, the UK sub-group disposed of its InterGen UK assets, specifically the entities holding natural gas-fired facilities in the UK.  Following the disposal of these assets, the UK sub-group has rebranded as “Emberock”.   The UK sub-group now consists of holding companies through which its remaining joint venture interests in Australia are held.  This joint venture, headed by a company previously known as OzGen, has been rebranded as GenuityGenuity are developers, owners and operators of an evolving portfolio of world class power generation facilities.

All the UK holding companies (referred to collectively as “Emberock UK”), are subject to UK taxes.

Approach to risk management and governance arrangements in relation to UK tax

The legacy Intergen UK subgroup had previously been assessed as a Low Risk taxpayer by HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”), the UK Tax Authority.   Emberock UK is committed to maintaining the governance and the behaviours that have underpinned this assessment to date.

The Board of Directors of Emberock Holdings UK Limited  are responsible for overseeing the general finance functions of Emberock UK’s affiliates in the UK.  This overseeing function includes all UK tax risk management, tax governance and tax compliance topics.  They are supported by external advisors, if  necessary.

Attitude of the UK group towards tax planning

Emberock UK is committed to ensuring it is compliant with all applicable tax laws, rules, regulations and reporting requirements that relate to UK tax.  We will look to ensure we claim all applicable tax reliefs and benefits where it is beneficial to do so.

Emberock UK aims to structure its commercial activities to ensure they are optimum from a legal, financial, tax and treasury perspective.  While tax is one of a number of factors that is considered when undertaking business transactions, we do not undertake transactions primarily for tax planning purposes.

Level of risk the UK group is prepared to accept in relation to UK tax

Emberock UK considers it has a low tolerance towards tax risk.   In cases where there is significant complexity or uncertainty in the tax legislation, professional tax advisers are engaged to ensure that the Emberock UK companies’ tax returns and tax positions align with UK law and regulations.

Approach of the group towards dealing with HMRC

Emberock UK affiliates are committed to work collaboratively with the tax authorities, choosing a cooperative approach in dealing with HMRC that prioritises transparency and trust.

Approved by the Board of Directors of Emberock Holdings UK Limited, on behalf of it and its UK tax resident affiliates, in accordance with paragraph 19(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016


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